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A SharePoint Solution with 2 Features to add Clippy (the annoying paperclip) to your site. Add Clippy to a single page as a web part, or add Clippy to the whole site! Configurable messages, and as annoying as ever, ready for any WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007, Foundation 2010, or SharePoint 2010 environment. Source included to tweak.


Download the WSP and add the solution to SharePoint. Compatible with WSS 3.0, SharePoint 2007, Foundation 2010, and SharePoint 2010. Adds 2 features to your Site when deployed. One feature adds Clippy to all SharePoint pages via a Master Page delegate/placeholder. The other feature adds a Clippy web part to the web part Gallery. This web part can be added to any page. Clippy messages are editable via either a site settings custom page "Clippy Global Settings" (when activating feature to add Clippy to all pages), or via web part properties custom field. Separate multiple Clippy messages with a pipe "|" character.

SPClippy uses jQuery and a jQuery Clippy extension (courtesy of H. Yankov). And, jQuery is added to the SharePoint page only if not already present. The jQuery library version that ships with this WSP is 1.4.4.

Built in Visual Studio 2008 using WSPBuilder, so its forward compatible with current SharePoint versions.

Clippy will not appear in modal windows in SharePoint 2010.

A product by Ben Steinhauser, brought to you by B&R Business Solutions.


Still as annoying as ever

Custom settings page

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